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Output Document Management

Create professional looking documents and reports that can be implemented easily using your current text output as variable data. Whether that is plain spool data from your ERP system or data returned through database queries.


Drag data or objects from palettes onto the drawing surface and set their properties. You can apply conditional logic to forms and objects as well as the properties of those objects. 

Deliver documents via workflow. Include decisions on where to print, email or archive. Schedule jobs to create documents and email them directly to a user's inbox.


NeoDocs works with all Windows printer drivers. All of the drivers options are available and there is no reliance on any particular printer manufacturer.

NeoDocs also provides logical processing to decide which printer is used. This can be achieved by using input data to make the decision. Therefore, you may only need one NeoDocs process to print documents to many different printers.

Output can be print or pdf. Pdf files created with NeoDocs can be emailed and additional attachments can be included.

As you create output processes using the Builder application, you get all of the functionality that it provides. Data Manipulation, pdf, barcode reading, ocr, decision making, database connectivity, workflow and more.

Deliver your business documents electronically

Automatic electronic delivery of documents, instead of printing and mailing, is a cost effective way of distributing business documents as well as reducing your environmental footprint.

Emailing statements for instance, instead of mailing them will not only reduce your operating costs but will reduce the time it takes to reach your customer. Also, they are received at the point where they are required.

Combining the reduced costs of printing and mailing with the potential to reduce the payment time from customers adds up to significant savings.

Create your own report server

Use Neodocs Output Document Management to create your own report server. You can use NeoDocs on a web server to create reports dynamically and process them through a workflow for distribution.

Schedule all of your ERP reports to be delivered as a pdf directly to the user.

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