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Automate your Accounts Payable process. Receive invoices via email and automatically process them through to workflow. All of the supplier identification and approval processes are built in to your templates. Set approval amounts per user for both stock and expenses. Allocate stock invoices against purchase orders and expense invoices against GL codes.

All invoices are saved to archive for easy viewing through NeoDocs AMS. Upload additional documents, run reports, email documents, add notes, and have a history recording every time the invoice is viewed, emailed, approved, posted etc.

Depending on your ERP system, you may also be able to have automated integration. If automatic integration is not possible NeoDocs will still provide delimited files for you to upload or push data to your api.

Our aim is to make automated accounts payable available to all businesses, big, medium or small.

The NeoDocs Delivery solution is managing your deliveries through automating manual processes and mobile technology. 

Put deliveries on your driver's tablet or phone. They can get a signature, take photos, view the delivery document, show routes, take notes and hand write changes on the document. When they make a delivery, that information is immediately available to you. The driver can also choose options which trigger workflows.

You can view the driver's location using maps. send messages, see their delivery information and see what they have entered, all in real time.

Take structured or unstructured data, map it onto a design area. Add objects, like text boxes, images, barcodes etc to create a professional output. Send the output automatically to print, pdf and email.

NeoDocs also has expression building and workflow which gives you flexibility to make decisions on how data is used, how output looks and where and when it is output.

Use print queues or take data from a directory and create as many processes as you wish. Ideal for printing and emailing invoices, statements, purchase orders from a legacy or text based accounting system or create you own report server. If you are looking for a way to take text data and produce great quality output then NeoDocs Output Document Management is the software that will achieve it.

The NeoDocs Builder is an application to build workflows and automate processes called procedures, taking variable data, making decisions and producing output.

It is a visual designer so no need to write code, just drag and drop components, add properties and run the process through the Builder. When it comes time to automate your process, transfer the procedure to the server, This either creates a shared print queue, monitors a directory or mapi or pop3 mail box depending on what sort of input you selected.


Some of the components in the Builder are print, conditional, email, database, pdf, image, ocr, file and directory functions, and workflow. Use variable data to make decisions and the expression builder to manage text.

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