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Any business that delivers goods to their customers will know the amount of time, resources and cost that is involved when there is a dispute over goods not being delivered, short supplied or delivered damaged.

Usually small business are priced out of a sophisticated system and they end up with an app that doesn't integrate or provide server functionality. So, in the end you will get an app that collects a signature and not a lot more.


NeoDocs provides the same app and server functionality whether you have 2 or 200 trucks, so small business can also have access to electronic proof of delivery and workflow. 


NeoDocs Delivery has 2 parts, a mobile application that downloads the delivery data and is used to capture and return information back to the server. The second part is NeoDocs AMS which is a web application that is used to view the deliveries and locations of trucks as well as provide a way of communicating to the app through messaging.

Also NeoDocs has server processes where decisions can be made and workflow started based on information that is entered at the app.

Mobile App

Customer signs electronically

Add delivery notes

Take photos

Route instruction

Send messages to the driver in the app

Driver can send messages from within the app

View the delivery document, invoice or delivery docket

Add typed notes relating to the document

Write over the document for corrections and save as an image

Data from the device is uploaded instantly or can be uploaded manually at any time

Choose a delivery option like "Delivered OK", "Goods Damaged", "Short Shipped" etc

Workflow back at the office immediately, and process depending on the choice that the driver made above

Stamp all images and signature with GPS location

NeoDocs AMS

Upload run data using an api, a file upload or manually.

See real time driver run information

See continuous real time truck location using maps

See delivery time and driver route information for any day

Change run data and have it reflected in the app on refresh

View documents including images and signatures

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