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Automated Processes and Workflow

The NeoDocs Builder and Server are used to create automated processes.


You can build as many processes as you like and run them automatically from the server.

Use multiple input methods like print queue, directory, email and access different data types like text, xml, pdf, image etc.

Create processes using functional components that you drag and drop onto a List of Actions, no coding required. Such components are database connectivity, email, pdf, ocr, barcode reading and of course workflow.



Using a combination of these components with decision making and an expression builder lets you easily develop a workflow process based on documents and logic using variable data.​

Process input types

Print Queue - NeoDocs creates a shared Windows print queue that can be accessed from other applications

Directory Monitor - Set a directory that is constantly monitored for new files to be processed

Email Queue - Set the details of an email inbox and NeoDocs will pull the email in at set intervals. You can access the sender's details, subject, body and attachments to be used as variable data.

Manual - Run a process manually or on a schedule.

Input data types

Text - Any structured or unstructured data

PDF - Extract text from pdf files

Images - Accept images and extract data using ocr or read barcodes

Database - Using database components, return data using queries

List of Actions

Drag and drop components onto a list of actions. You can combine any of the objects as well as use the expression builder and output designer to create robust functional automated process. Include the workflow component into a procedure and you extend the Builder into an application to push workflow processes to users.

NeoDocs Server

Transfer your procedure to the NeoDocs Server and create an automated process which creates a print queue monitors a directory monitor or receives emails which handle the input data based on the list of actions you designed.

Procedures can be retrieved for modification and transferred again. They can also be paused and re-started.

Accounts Payable and Delivery use the Builder and Server to handle all of the data processing including supplier identification, workflow processing and approvals. You can build simple one step processes to complicated, decision based workflows.

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