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AMS is a web application that is used for workflow and document management. Access to AMS is included when you purchase a subscription for Accounts Payable Automation or Delivery.

Document archiving

Store your documents so that you can retrieve them on line. Upload additional documents from your computer and store and retrieve them using the documents indexes. Add and edit notes against the document that can be accessed by other users. Email documents to anyone from within the Document Viewer. Document history keeps track of when a document was opened, notes added and, documents emailed.

Process management

View and edit workflows. Code invoices in the accounts payable department from workflows and send to other users for approval. Then they are returned to accounts payable for posting or sending off for further approval.

Accounts payable workflow can work in different ways depending on how you like to have your approval processes. Please contact us for more information.

For the delivery application, workflows are triggered based on a workflow option that is selected in the app.

Mobile applications

As part of the Delivery application, there are some web interfaces for mapping, delivery status, manually allocating deliveries and exception reports.

Custom reports

Custom reports are created upon request. For accounts payable, there is one custom report for all invoices currently with approvers.

Template manager

Template documents by defining blocks of data to extract and assign them to data fields. Also, add an identification criteria so that when a document arrives, the document is identified and the data extracted. This is then used with the applications. For example, extracting invoice data from accounts payable invoices and creating workflows for coding and approval.

Work folder

Share documents between users for collaboration.

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