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Delivery mobile app

List of deliveries by run date

Shows a list of deliveries for the specified date. Includes delivery name, address, notes, document numbers and a visual indicator of the current status of the delivery.

Choose run date to show

The current dates run list is shown when opened. The user can then select other dates to show run lists.

Refresh app to show user changes in AMS

Users in AMS can make changes to the deliveries including adding new deliveries. These can be refreshed in the run list.

Add delivery notes

Add delivery notes that are stored in AMS and visible on the server when the delivery is complete.

Choose delivery workflow option

The default option is 'Delivery OK'. This can be changed from a list and a workflow can be initiated depending on the option selected.

Choose payment type

Payment types are selected from a list of options. 

Add amount received

An input to add amounts received.


A signature pad for the receiver to sign for the delivery.


Add photos from either the camera or device. The app user can view all images before closing the delivery.


Map routing showing start and end locations and written directions.


Shows a pdf of the delivery document.

Draw on document

Overlay a drawing surface on the document to add written notes and annotations. 

Close delivery

Close the delivery to upload all data and images to the server. 

Upload deliveries manually

Deliveries are uploaded automatically when the delivery is closed. However, if a network is not available at that time, deliveries can be uploaded manually when access is available. 

Location tracking

The app uses gps to send location details to the server. 

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