See How it Works

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Check out the videos below that were put together to show the features of NeoDocs as well as real life example applications.


If you have a process that you would like to see, let us know.

Basic 3 Step Process

This video will step you through setting up a basic process using the NeoDocs Designer. Using the Control Centre to start the process and passing the document to 2 other people for their input.

Also it shows how the originater can see the status of the process using NeoDocs AMS.

HR Annual Leave Form

See how to create a process to handle annual leave forms. Starting from an originator who would complete the form. The form is then sent to an approver, who approves or rejects the form. If the form is approved it moves to the HR department for processing

Also it shows how the originater can see the status of the process using the Control Centre.

AP Automation

Set up an AP Automation process that takes supplier invoices via email and passes them through the process. Initially the invoice will go to the AP department for verification. Then it is passed to an approver who can approve or reject the invoice.

If the invoice is approved, it then comes back to the AP department where it is coded and sent for posting. Each recipient can upload other documents.

The process is monitored using the Control Centre. Reporting is available on processed and non processed invoices.

Mobile Proof of Delivery & Tracking