Mobile Proof of Delivery & Tracking

Any business that delivers goods to their customers will know the amount of time, resources and cost that is involved when there is a dispute over goods not being delivered, short supplied or delivered damaged. Whether it is the case or not.

Providing a method for obtaining a proof of delivery, matching it to the original delivery documentation and having an application to view of these combined documents has been a process that NeoDocs has been involved in for many years.

NeoDocs has been used as an internal server based application for many companies that have distribution requirements and therefore have a need to prove goods have been delivered.


As with any other process, the NeoDocs Process Builder, together with NeoDocs Control Centre provides the tools to create a proof of delivery process. Depending on your requirements, you can use scanning as a method of returning the signed document back to NeoDocs. Alternatively, using an electronic approach provides much greater functionality.

An overview of a Mobile Proof of Delivery:

Instead of the driver taking reams of paperwork, they carry a tablet which can be any type such as iPad, Android or Windows. NeoDocs provides a 'Run Sheet' of deliveries which are accessed by the driver on their tablet. This Run Sheet can take different forms and is usually purpose designed for you.


When the driver makes a delivery, they get the customer to sign on the tablet for receipt of the goods. This signature is sent in real time back to NeoDocs which keeps it with the original documents.

Because the process is electronic it provides some more functionality, such as:

  • GPS tracking, you have the location where the goods were delivered which can be stored as well. In NeoDocs, we provide a visual map representation of this location.

  • All tablets have cameras that can be used to take photos of damaged goods for instance. These photos are also uploaded to NeoDocs at the time they are taken.

  • Delivery issues such as short delivered, damaged and short payment are handled in real time by using NeoDocs Workflow to inform the right person of the issue so that it is dealt with immediately.

  • Field staff communicate with internal staff in real time.

Also, the tablet can be tracked so the base can see at any time where the truck is and can provide useful information to your customers on when their goods will be delivered.