Frequently Asked Questions

 01  How long has NeoDocs been around.

NeoDocs has been operating since 2002. We released the first server based NeoDocs software for printing and process building in 2003. The software was originally mostly used for output document management, which is processing generic host data, such as Unix and mainframe to formatted output. For more information refer to NeoDocs Automate Business Processes brochure - PDF download.




 02  Is NeoDocs suitable for small business.

Absolutely, NeoDocs has always focused on small to medium sized businesses. We understand that small businesses need to automate to compete but don't have the same financial resources as big business. So, small businesses can use NeoDocs as a cloud application which means no hardware investment and can take up a monthly commitment which easy to manage.




 03  How easy is it to use.

The NeoDocs Process Builder is a drag and drop web application. It is easy to use and there are many tutorials available. 




 04  Where is my data.

All NeoDocs servers and storage facilities are located in Sydney, Australia. No data is stored or sent out of these data centres. It is very important to us as it is important to you that your data is kept as secure as possible. The data centres that we use are of high standard supported by one of Australia's largest telecommunications company.




 05  How much do I have to invest.

If you want to use the Cloud based option, all charges are monthly with no initial investment. You can opt out at any time by giving 3 months notice. There are no exit fees or charges.

The second option is to have NeoDocs installed on your server. In this case there is an investment for the software and set up costs. Please contact sales for more information.