Forms and Flows


NeoDocs is designed to give our users the flexibility to create processes for any type of application. Whether it be HR, Distribution, Accounts Payable or others, one application suits all.

User created forms and flows are the basis of a NeoDocs process and both are easily designed by you using a drag and drop web application enabling you to design wherever you are.

A flow is the path of the process and you can design as many points for user interaction as you wish. As well as user components, there are also other components for emailing, database, Sharepoint, notes and more.

A form is what the user sees when they receive a process point. These are also created by you and you can request your users to enter various types of information, upload attachments and provide them with options for the next point in the flow.

User process points are not limited to users within your organisation. A user component can be sent to someone outside of your company. Think of a purchase requisition process where you create a requisition inside your accounting system, then send that requisition to the supplier automatically. When the supplier receives the requisition, they have to agree to the terms, provide feedback on availability and then submit the process. That process now comes back to you, it could be handled manually or uploaded back into your accounting system so that a purchase order can be created. Now think of the possibilities, quotes, service work orders, expense approvals....

Each flow can contain many components including many user points. Also, each flow can contain many forms so that you can provide different users with different forms within the same flow. A good example of this is Accounts Payable Automation. A supplier sends you an invoice and your accounts payable person needs to see a form where they can verify the invoice and then forward it to someone to approve it. The person who approves needs to see a different form where they only need to approve, reject and add notes. When the invoices comes back to the accounts payable person, this time they need to see a form where they can allocate the invoice to a General Ledger code and submit it to the accounting system.


The combination of forms, flows and options. A starting point, usable components and an end point.


The means for the users to enter information, upload attachments and provide feedback to the process.


The components that are used as the steps within the process. These components include user components as well as components that can send and retrieve information from outside of the process.