AP Automation


Accounts Payable automation can take many forms. Some people will say receiving an invoice and automatically putting it into a directory for retrieval is AP Automation. Where others will expect that the invoice is received, verified, text extracted and line matched to purchase orders in an accounting system.

NeoDocs can provide the solution whatever the expectation.

For small and medium sized businesses it is more often enough to have the invoice received via an email inbox, passed into a process that sends that invoice to a user who can then see the invoice on a screen together with some options to verify, send for approval, reject, add notes and then allocate and post.


If this is achieved automatically then the following positive results are gained.

  • Reduction in paperwork.

  • Easy access to view the stored invoices.

  • Faster processing, reducing costs.

  • Greater visibility to invoices that are outstanding and an overview of cash flow risk.

As well as the above, your requirement may be to send suppliers information based on logic or retrieve attachments that can be stored together with the invoice, such as a purchase order for retrieval any time.

If your requirement is bigger than this, NeoDocs can cater for that too by using the basic NeoDocs process building together with the following functionality that NeoDocs provides.

  • Integration into your ERP system to automatically pull and push data.

  • Optical Character Recognition to extract text from invoices.

  • Use extracted text to match purchase order or goods receipt lines.

  • Use tolerances to logically decide the route an approval process follows.

  • Receive and process stock invoices, expense invoices, service invoices etc.


NeoDocs Account Payable Workflow Process - Download PDF