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Accounts Payable Automation

An automated Accounts Payable Solution for your business.

Receive invoices electronically, automatically identify the supplier and pass the invoice to the correct approver. Track invoices wherever they are in your organisation and post into your accounting system.

Upload your data for suppliers, GL accounts and Purchase Orders via delimited file or api.

NeoDocs Accounts Payable Automation is cloud based. No hardware maintenance, No capital expenditure as it is purchased on a subscription based on the number of users you need. Designed to accommodate big and small businesses.

Posting files are delivered to you for automatic upload into your accounting system. NeoDocs also supports direct api integration into some ERP systems.



A full server and mobile solution. Track drivers, confirm deliveries in real time. Customers sign on glass and the delivery information, photos and signature are uploaded immediately.


The server application (AMS) has delivery allocation, mapping to show real time positions of drivers, views of the same delivery information and status as the drivers app. As well as driver route history.

The mobile application includes deliveries and their status, take photos, get signatures, view the pdf invoice/delivery docket.

But, as it is a complete system not just an app, the data from the app integrates into NeoDocs to provide a full workflow. Immediately act on data returned from the app as automatic workflow processes are created.


Ouput Document Management

If you need to convert unstructured text into well formatted output to printer, pdf, database or file then NeoDocs can provide this through our Builder, Server and Output designer.

The NeoDocs Builder and server are the tools you need to create a full output document management system. The Builder components include data handling, page design and output distribution. Map variable unstructured text onto a page and add fonts, barcodes, images, variables and decision making.

The NeoDocs procedures can run as a Print Queue, Directory Monitor, Email Queue or Scheduled process. Print to it from Windows, Unix, AS400 or any legacy system that produces output through a spool or file method.

The 'List of Actions' and output designer provides drag and drop components for both drawing and data objects. You can print to multiple printers, create a pdf and email to multiple recipients all from the same input data. Combine this with decision making components, variable data, user variables, database connectivity and expression builder to get a complete output document system.


Automated Processes and Workflow

Create powerful automated data driven solutions using the NeoDocs Builder and Server.


The NeoDocs Builder components include decision making, data manipulation, database connectivity, pdf, ocr, barcode, file operations and workflow. All components can use variable data to make decisions and create output.

A powerful drag and drop development environment to automate processes. Create applications for AP automation, expense approvals, reporting, time sheets and many more with the same software.

NeoDocs accepts text, pdf and images as input in print queues, directory monitors, email queues and scheduled processes


Integrate NeoDocs processes into your ERP and back end systems.

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