Business Process Automation

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Accounts Payable Automation

Automatically receive and process supplier invoices through an approval process. No more paperwork and enormous time gains.

Automate Any Document Process

NeoDocs is not just for one type of process. Create any document process for any department. HR, expenses, warehouse, sales etc.

Mobile Proof of Delivery & Tracking

Need to obtain and store proof of deliveries. NeoDocs mobile does this and of course you can integrate with document processes.


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Output Document Management

Automatically format and send documents electronically to your customers and vendors.


NeoDocs can output in many formats and deliver by print, email or fax. Create your invoices, connect to your accounting system and output, all from NeoDocs.

Hosting Options

NeoDocs is designed to suit small business to corporations. Both in the processing volume and pricing. NeoDocs can be operated completely as a cloud base (SAS) or loaded onto your server.

This gives you the flexibility to choose what fits you.